Resettlement of Ex Sports Persons

Only the sportsmen who played at International Level get recognition and financial security for life. What about those who couldn’t make it to the top level or represented country. They made almost the equivalent effort and gave the equal time to the sport as the International players did.

Many former sportsmen report a loss of identity after retiring and struggle to move on in life. The struggle to find a new purpose can lead to more serious problems such as depression, self-harm, addiction and financial problems. Even the best-prepared athletes struggle -retirement can be like a grieving process.

City Hawks Sports Foundation started Resettlement Programme for Ex Sportsmen. City Hawks Sports Foundation through Resettlement Programme for Sportsmen creates opportunity for players who couldn't achieve fame in the sports world but were good at skill. Coach to Coach programme not only creates a platform for Ex Sportsment but also gives the sports world good quality coaches.

The training and competence of sports coaches & trainers make an essential contribution to the development of high-quality players & athlete, essential in meeting the needs of performance & delivery at National as well as International Levels.

Coaches or Trainers is not the only career option for ex sportsment, they can become officials, can get into sports administration and/or sports management. City Hawks Sports Foundation is coming up in Certificate, Under & Post Graduate Degree courses in Sports Management.

City Hawks Sports Foundation is very shortly starting a 10 day refresher course in Cricket Umpiring.
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